The "FJFM" audiovisual production house aims to internalize a small one, has a series, manufacturing company in Lazio.


Enhance the innovative and contemporary cinematographic language for the involvement and expansion of the public, with particular attention to youth, to renew interest and passion for cinema.


The FJFM audiovisual productions was born in 2007 with the aim of producing and distributing television programs and formats dedicated to the theme of architecture and the environment. The TV format, "Living architecture", devised, produced and created by the FJFM and dedicated to the themes of the city of Rome, has arrived in its 9th season. Authors of the program: Andrea Giunti, Alessandra Colonna, Valentina Piscitelli. The format is distributed regionally and nationally by the Roma Uno television broadcaster (most viewed program on the net with over 2 millions of viewers monthly)
From 2010 the FJFM line is completed with the production of independent film subjects, with particular attention to young exponents of Italian cinema culture.


The National Institute of Architecture, the Association of Building Constructors of Rome and the ACER province and the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape architects and Conservators of Rome and its province during the third edition of ROMARCHITETTURA have assigned a recommendation to the program "Vivere l'architecture", "Bruno Zevi" award for the Diffusion of Architectural Culture. During the award ceremony which took place on Friday 28 November 2008


The FJFM maintains distribution relationships with the television broadcaster "ROMAUNO srl" . Relations with Andrea Occhipinti's distribution house Lucky Red are being formalized.